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  • 20" True Colors United Rainbow Bear

    …good it feels to hug a Rainbow? Now, imagine hugging that Rainbow and supporting an equally beautiful cause! Introducing the most colorful Bear we've ever created: with its adorable expression, kaleidoscope coat and electric personality, this uplifting True Colors United Rainbow Bear shows off the…

    Price: $99.99

  • 15" Unicorn Hoodie Bear

    …stuffed animal comes straight from the imagination! 15 inch classic Vermont Teddy Bear made in America wears a soft fleece unicorn costume with a rainbow horn and bright pink mane and tail. Super-cute Bear Unicorn takes Kids and Bear lovers of all ages to a land of fun and fantasy, promising a…

    Price: $79.99

  • 15" Super Soft Dressed Unicorn Bear

    …straight from the land of make-believe! Promising a playful attitude and plenty of hugs, she wears a soft fleece costume detailed with a lovely rainbow 'horn' and wild pink mane and tail. The beautiful Bear makes an unFURgettable present for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions - or just…

    Price: $44.99