Sweetheart Bear

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  • 15" Sweetheart Teddy Bear

    If she were a dessert, you couldn't eat a whole serving. If she were a candy, you'd have to stop at one. But because she's soft, plush and dressed to the nines, it's impossible to get enough of our Sweetheart Teddy Bear. Dressed in an elegant, lace-trimmed velveteen and satin gown with an appliqu

    Price: $69.99

  • 15" Zombie Sweetheart Bear

    Our very popular Zombie Bear finally has a ghoul-friend! In a blood-red dress with matching hairbow and eyes, she is terrifying sweet. She has all the signs of zombiehood, like gray fur, a sutured face, and a razor heart tattoo. Zombie Sweetheart Bear is the best way to say "My love is unstoppable!"…

    Price: $79.99

  • 15" Zombie Love & Zombie Sweetheart Bear

    …proves that romance is never dead! To keep the one you love entranced, Zombie Love Bear arrives with a stuffed brain tagged "Romantic dinner for two," as well as a stuffed heart that says "I give you my heart." Sweetheart Zombie wears a red dress and is ready for date night. Handmade in Vermont, USA…

    Price: $159.98

  • 15" Sweetheart Hoodie-Footie™ Bear & PJs Gift Set

    …and cuter than cute, our adorable Sweetheart Hoodie- Footie Bear will definitely warm your Valentine's heart. Ready for lots of cuddle time, this Bear wears a pink Hoodie-Footie printed with red hearts and even comes with a matching PJ for her to wear. Bear is handmade in Vermont, USA using the…

  • 15" Christmas Sweetheart

    Made with heart, especially for your sweetheart. Bear arrives in a stunning velveteen and satin party dress. Red velvet hat with Snow White faux fur adds an extra festive touch. Handmade in Vermont, USA using the softest fur we can get our paws on and 100% recycled stuffing. Guaranteed for life.

    Price: $77.99