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  • I'm One Smitten Kitten

    Introducing Vermont Teddy Bear's first feature feline, perfect for the Valentine with a playful side. This 15'' jointed kitty has emerald-green eyes, lifelike whiskers and a curious expression that melts the heart every time. The bond of love is sealed with a pink heart and red satin bow, showing…

    Price: $69.99

  • 13" Super Soft Dressed Pink Butterfly Bear

    …makes an unFURgettable present for birthdays, holidays, the first day or school - or just because. Always up for hugs and happy adventures, this Teddy Bear friend is there in good times and bad, with a jointless construction for extra softness. Vibrant, full of life and featuring unbelievably soft…

    Price: $34.99

  • 18" Super Soft Pink Hoodie Footie Bear

    …most heartwarming gifts anywhere. Real bundles of love, they inspire ear-to-ear smiles and gently remind people to kick back and relax. These cozy Teddy Bears make unFURgettable presents for birthdays, holidays, special occasions and anytime someone needs a pick-me-up. Always up for hugs, snuggles…

  • 15" Hoodie Footie™ Bear

    Ready for snuggle time! Beyond cute, our Hoodie-Footie Bear is among the most heartwarming gifts anywhere. A real bundle of love, this pink Teddy Bear inspires ear-to-ear smiles and gently reminds people to kick back and relax. Handmade in Vermont, USA using the silkiest fur we can get our paws on;…

  • 15" "It's a Girl!" Bow Tie Bear

    A cute, classy way to commemorate the birth of a baby girl, this Teddy Bear arrives wearing a soft pink satin bow tie with a heart center embroidered with, ''It's a Girl!'' This adorable baby gift is a classic way to congratulate friends, colleagues and family expecting a new cub. Bear is handmade…

    Price: $49.99

  • 15" "Happy Mother's Day" Bow Tie Bear

    …you'' on Mother's Day and every day she sees it on her bookshelf, desk, armoire or nightstand. Classically designed Teddy Bear wears a removable lavender satin bow tie. Pink heart at the center of the bow tie is embroidered with, ''Happy Mother's Day.'' Handmade in Vermont, USA using the softest…

    Price: $49.99

  • 15" Baby Girl Bear

    Specially designed to cuddle and comfort new babies, this precious Teddy Bear is made with child-safe eyes and soft, hypoallergenic fur that's machine washable and flame resistant. Dressed in a pink polka-dot diaper and bib with coordinating trim. Handmade in Vermont, USA using the softest fur we…

    Price: $65.99

  • 15" Unicorn Hoodie Bear

    …inch classic Vermont Teddy Bear made in America wears a soft fleece unicorn costume with a rainbow horn and bright pink mane and tail. Super-cute Bear Unicorn takes Kids and Bear lovers of all ages to a land of fun and fantasy, promising a lifetime of friendship other Teddy Bear toys can't deliver.…

    Price: $79.99

  • 20" Hidden Hearts Bear

    …throughout a cool grey coat. A little Valentine's mystery is dramatized with pink paw pads and a sweet satin bow. Cuddly, snuggly and soft as a baby cub, the Hidden Hearts Bear can keep your secretsâ ¦ but only for so long! Teddy Bear is stuffed with love in Vermont, USA and guaranteed for life.

    Price: $59.99