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  • 13" Little Hero® Bear - Buy 1, Give 1

    An easy way to help kids in crisis. With the purchase of this Bear, you're helping to ensure that kids get a Bear hug when they need it most, during crisis situations. When you purchase this Bear, we'll donate another to a first-responder unit in the US. Stuffed with love in Vermont, USA using 100%…

    Price: $24.99

  • 4' Classic Big Bear

    It's well known that BIG Teddy Bears give more love! This 4' Vermont Teddy Bear is ready to wrap someone up in a big bear hug, and with its extra-soft, dense caramel coat, snuggling reaches new heights. Squishy, soft and ever huggable, this classic big Teddy Bear also has a sophisticated side,…

    Price: $89.99

  • 15" Classic Polar Bear

    …to melt anyone's heart, our Polar Bear definitely charms with its pure white premium fur and adorable red knit scarf. It's fully jointed so it can be posed as a treasured keepsake, but its movable head, arms, and legs also make it great at giving out warm bear hugs. The perfect playmate, office…

    Price: $59.99

  • 15" Spicy Mama Bear

    …gifts for sweethearts, collectors and those who love to cook! Novelty Teddy Bear costume includes adorable details like a felt cut stem on top and embroidered print in mixed colors. Limited-edition Bear gives birthdays, holidays and special occasions a little kick with its signature adorable…

    Price: $79.99

  • 15" Classic Bow-Tie Bear

    Designed to give and receive a lifetime of love, this classically designed, fully jointed Bear is a winning gift for kids ages 3 to 103. Dressed in a dapper velvet bow tie (see color choices below). Handmade in Vermont, USA using the softest fur we can get our paws on and 100% recycled stuffing.…

    Price: $49.99

  • 15" Bride Bear

    If you want to honor her big day, give a gift guaranteed to last as long as love itself: a lifetime. Designed to celebrate her engagement, shower or big day in a cute, sentimental way, the Bride Bear arrives dressed in a stunning wedding gown and veil. In her paws, she holds a fabric-flower bouquet.…

    Price: $87.99

  • 15" Groom Bear

    If you want to honor and support his ''Do thee'' and ''I do'', give a gift guaranteed to last as long as love itself: a lifetime. Designed to celebrate his engagement, bachelor party or big day in a fun, memorable way, the Groom Bear arrives dressed in a handsome black tux. Accessorized with a…

    Price: $79.99

  • 15" SSN-792 Classic Dewey Bear

    …service. Sweet as its honey-colored fur might suggest, the adorable 15" Dewey Bear is ready to give a lifetime of loving hugs. Named after George Dewey, Admiral of the Navy from Montpelier, Vermont, this Bear is a proud symbol of honor and tradition. Handmade in Vermont, USA, using the softest…

    Price: $70.00

  • 15" Clown Bear

    …clowning around, this Bear is one of the happiest there is. Designed for jovial occasions and giving to people in desperate need of a little cheering up. Arrives in a quintessential clown costume complete with oversized shoes, polka-dot coveralls (may vary from Bear to Bear), red nose and floppy…

    Price: $89.99