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  • 13" Super Soft Dressed Purple Ballerina Bear

    …who loves to play and dance - and for Bear lovers of all ages. Always up for hugs and happy adventures, this super-soft friend is there to comfort in good times and bad, with no joints so she's squeezable all the way through. An embroidered floral waistband ensures our dancing Bear shines on any…

    Price: $34.99

  • 15" Bernie Bear

    Meet Bernie Bear! A passionate, blunt speaker; he'll quickly tell you, I am not a circus Bear, I am not a dancing Bear, ''I am not a toy Bear.'' Arrives wearing a gray suit, white shirt, blue tie, glasses, Feel The Bern pin and iconic unruly hair. Handmade in Vermont, USA using the softest fur we…

    Price: $79.99

  • Baby Bear Mobile

    For young Cubs, bedtime is a dream come true with dancing Bears gently swaying overhead. Made with a quartet of floppy 4" Bears and fleece stars and moon, this captivating wooden Bear Mobile promises to enchant little ones when they're winding down and just waking up. Comes in a high-quality white…

    Price: $59.99

  • 15" Super Soft Dressed Purple Ballerina Bear

    …simply stunning - and super fun to cuddle! Outfitted with a lovely purple dress in delicate tulle, she's perfect for any kid who loves to play and dance, making an unFURgettable present for birthdays, holidays and just because. Always up for hugs and happy adventures, this Bear is a friend that…

    Price: $44.99