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  • 6' Giant Hunka Love® Bear

    …plush fur and a squeezable body full of soft stuffing. With versatility to match its size, our biggest Hunk can be a cute conversation piece, cozy snuggle buddy, college roommate or bedtime companion. Stuffed with love in Vermont, USA using plush fur, soft fabric details and 100% recycled…

    Price: $199.99

  • 15" Buddy Collection with Heart Box, Set of 3, Bear, Giraffe and Bunny

    …through thick and thin, the 15" Buddy Bear, Giraffe and Bunny have long arms for easier carrying, with squeezable bodies and short, smooth fur for cozy bedtime cuddling. Buddy animals give the best hugs, with weighted beans in their paws (and hooves) to make them extra snuggly. And just below their…

    Price: $99.99

  • 13" PJ Pal Puppy

    …hugs and snuggles that are softer than soft, and its floppy body that's weighted with beans means the hugs are the best around. Wearing a pair of cozy onesie PJs with repeating puppy print in cheerful yellow, this Puppy PJ Pal makes bedtime a favorite time for kids of all ages. Personalize your Pal…

    Price: $29.99

  • 13" PJ Pal Monkey

    …made from ultra-plush fur and features an irresistibly floppy body that's slightly weighted with beans for easy carrying and optimal hugging. The cozy green PJs with repeating monkey print create cuteness overload, making this one PJ Pal any kid will go bananas over. Personalize your Pal by adding…

    Price: $29.99

  • 13" PJ Pal Llama

    …body that's just the right snuggling size, and limbs that are weighted with beans to give out the best bear hugs around. And this PJ Pal turns adorable up a notch by wearing a pair of cozy onesie pajamas with blue-on-blue, repeating llama print. Personalize your Pal by adding a name to the PJs.

    Price: $29.99

  • Children's Teddy Bear Hoodie Jacket

    Little cubs stay cozy and toasty in the cute and snuggly Teddy Bear Hoodie! During the fall and winter months - or any time Kids need a nice Bear hug - this extra-soft hoodie with fun details wraps them in warmth with 100% polyester snuggle fleece. With an adorable ivory belly patch and Bear ears,…

    Price: $39.99

  • Trio of Buddy Bears

    …little cubs go on adventures. Buddy Bears have long arms and slender bodies for easier carrying, weighted beans in their paws and smooth fur for cozy cuddling. And just below their tails are owner name tags, ensuring that if they ever get lost, they won't be too far from home. Imported and…

    Price: $89.99

  • 15" Winterland Queen Bear

    …want to build a snowman? Our majestic Winterland Queen is up for whatever wintry fun that can be imagined, and is also a favorite friend for getting cozy and cuddling up. Equally enchanting as a collectible showpiece as she is as a child's playmate, she lights up the room with her sparkle and turns…

    Price: $79.99

  • 18" Oh So Soft Puppy

    Who is that Puppy in the window? It's our new, adorable, super soft 18" Puppy with customized red satin bow! From its furry, floppy ears to its fun little tail, everything about this Puppy will make you want to hug it forever. Designed to cozy-up for a good night's sleep, this is a canine everyone…

    Price: $39.99