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  • 20" World's Softest Bunny

    The name says it all. Beyond belief soft fur makes this floppy, light brown Bunny extremely easy to hug and nearly impossible to put down. Finished with an Ivory satin bow. Stuffed with love in Vermont using 100% recycled stuffing. Guaranteed for life.

  • 15" Buddy Bunny

    So much more than a stuffed animal, this super-soft Bunny is a best buddy that lasts a lifetime. Designed with long arms for easy carrying, 15'' Bunny is always ready for travel and adventure. Soft ivory fur promises lots of hugs, and the perfect amount of weighted beans makes bedtime extra cuddly.…

    Price: $39.99

  • 16" Classic Curly White Bunny

    …special-edition stuffed bunny rabbit comes with open arms, promising lifelong hugs that never end! Whether given as bunny toys for kids or a cute conversation piece among your home decorations, these bunny stuffed animals bring furry fun to the holidays and every day. Bunny animal toy is made in the…

    Price: $69.99

  • 15" Buddy Collection with Heart Box, Set of 3, Bear, Giraffe and Bunny

    …adorable detail with a premium heart-shaped gift box and satin ribbon! Designed to stay close through thick and thin, the 15" Buddy Bear, Giraffe and Bunny have long arms for easier carrying, with squeezable bodies and short, smooth fur for cozy bedtime cuddling. Buddy animals give the best hugs,…

    Price: $99.99

  • 15" Hoodie-Footie™ Bunny Bear

    No bunny is as cute as our Hoodie-Footie ™ Bunny Bear, so hop to it and send this Bear to warm someone's heart. Wearing a pink Hoodie-Footie snuggle suit and a pair of removable bunny ears, he's ready for Easter and lots of cuddle time. Handmade in Vermont, USA using the silkiest fur we can…

    Price: $85.99

  • 20" World's Softest Bear with Rose Bouquet

    The name says it all. Baby-bunny softness makes this floppy Golden Bear extremely easy to hug and nearly impossible to put down. This 20'' Bear arrives holding a bouquet of red velvet roses making it the perfect Valentine.

    Price: $69.99

  • 4' Cuddle Bunny

    …4' Bunny is ready for love, and with its extra-soft feel, smooth rich coat and big floppy ears, its hugs are the best. For infants to adults, this gigantic Bunny is a best friend with more than a hare of personality! Whether napping, reading a book or just lounging the day away, snuggle bunnies will…

    Price: $89.99

  • 4' "I Heart You" T-Shirt Cuddle Bunny

    Some bunny is looking forward to surprising the one you love big time! A super-sized surprise that's perfect for Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary, or any occasion, our 4-foot stuffed bunny tells it like it is wearing a white "I (HEART)" t-shirt that can be personalized with a name.…

    Price: $109.99

  • 3' World's Softest Bear with Roses

    Baby-bunny softness makes our 3' Worlds Softest Bear extremely easy to hug and nearly impossible to say no to. Made with golden fur and finished with an ivory bow, everyone will fall for this over-sized cutie. What makes this bear extra sweet this Valentine's Day? It arrives holding a bouquet velvet…

    Price: $109.99