Belly Time

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  • 15'' Belly Time Soft Teddy Bear

    This soft, floppy Teddy Bear has the adorable look and cuddly feel of a classic Teddy, but it's laying on its belly! Super-soft fur and weighted paws mean that soft hugs are still always welcome, and the little tail is impossibly cute. A perfect gift for kids or parents with newborns or toddlers,…

    Price: $39.99

  • 15" Sleep Buddy Bear

    …moon and stars appears on Bear's belly to offer a reassuring glow, and a soothing classic "Go To Sleep Little Baby" lullaby welcomes sleep with a classic melody Cubs love. There is also fresh lavender under the fur that's sure to have a calming effect when it's time to rest. Adorably tired eyes and…

    Price: $39.99