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  • 13" Little Hero® Bear - Buy 1, Give 1

    An easy way to help kids in crisis. With the purchase of this Bear, you're helping to ensure that kids get a Bear hug when they need it most, during crisis situations. When you purchase this Bear, we'll donate another to a first-responder unit in the US. Stuffed with love in Vermont, USA using 100%…

    Price: $24.99

  • 13" PJ Pal Bear

    Kids love bedtime when they have a PJ Pal by their side! The perfect sleeping companion for naptime and bedtime, this soft and snuggly Teddy Bear PJ Pal is a dream come true, featuring ultra-plush fur and an irresistibly floppy body that's just the right size to cuddle up with. This Bear's happy red…

  • 13" PJ Pal Puppy

    Our Puppy PJ Pal is puppy love at first sight! An absolutely cute-as-they-come forever friend with lots of charm and personality, this PJ Pal makes best buddies wherever it goes with its sweet expression and doggone adorable puppy dog eyes. Its ultra-plush fur ensures hugs and snuggles that are…

    Price: $29.99

  • 13" PJ Pal Monkey

    When it comes to quiet cuddles, sleepytime snuggles, and the sweetest of sweet dreams, this PJ Pal means businessâ ¦monkey business that is! A forever friend that's just as much fun for travel and play as it is for naps and bedtime, our Monkey PJ Pal is made from ultra-plush fur and features an…

    Price: $29.99

  • 13" PJ Pal Llama

    There's nothing quite as cute and cuddly as a llama in pajamas! One of the newest additions to our popular line of PJ Pals, the Llama PJ Pal ensures kids hop off to bed happily. It features ultra-plush fur for optimal huggability, an irresistibly floppy body that's just the right snuggling size, and…

    Price: $29.99

  • 13" SSN-792 Floppy Dewey Bear

    …gifts associated with the commissioning, which marks the beginning of Vermontâ s active service. When hugs are needed most, our super-squeezable 13" Dewey Teddy Bear with soft butterscotch fur is there with open arms. Wearing a USS Vermont T-shirt, this Bear proudly pays tribute to the Green…

    Price: $30.00

  • 13" Team USA 2020 T-shirt Bear

    This bear has trained long and hard to become as cute as possible, and when it comes to being cuddly he wins gold ever time! A great way to show your pride and support for the USA Olympic Team, he wears a white "Team USA 2020" t-shirt complete with Olympic shield on the sleeve. Stuffed with love in…

    Price: $39.99