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  • 15" Romeo & Juilet

    …these Romeo &Juliet Bears arrive dressed in period costumes made of black jacquard and rich red velvet. Juliet's beautiful dress features a traditional empire waist, gusseted pouf sleeves, and a bodice with embroidered red hearts and she wears a headpiece of red rosettes. Romeo is ready…

  • 15" Romeo Bear

    Where for art thou, Romeo? He's right here...ready to give the most romantic of all Bear hugs to your Valentine. This charming Renaissance man, or Bear rather, wears an elaborate costume made of black jacquard and rich red velvet that includes a poet's tunic with golden frog closures, gusseted…

  • 15" Redneck Romeo Bear

    This Bear's arms were made for hugging! Born in the USA and as handsome and squeezable as they come, he wears khaki work pants, a sleeveless plaid flannel shirt, and a ''Right to Bear Hugs'' hat. He shows off his love for his country, and for your Valentine, with a patriotic heart tattoo that can be…

    Price: $89.99